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Out from the icy: The growth of gay Greenland

Content warning: this informative article talks about committing suicide.

In 1926, a title within the New York occasions paper boldly asserted that:

Just man is actually gay in bleak Greenland.”

Quickly forward nine years later on and that post remains one common Bing result if you are wondering to learn exactly what — if any — gay world is present within this isolated nation.

Exactly what net queries do not display is a tale that has been released in Greenland’s national magazine,


, in 2001. The paper went an anonymous interview with a homosexual man who was simply into creating a space for others in the future together. At the end with the article was an email address for those to have connected.

Soon after a flurry of emails, phrase eventually had gotten around that the mysterious man was actually Erik Olsen, a radio broadcaster located in the administrative centre town of Nuuk, whose vocals was heard across country daily. A few months later on, the guy appeared in the front page of another nationwide paper — this time called and photographed. By now, the gay and lesbian party Qaamaneq (Greenlandic for “The mild”) hadn’t just began, but had been thriving.

While I 1st talk to 47-year-old Erik, whoever courage makes him one thing of a spokesperson for any nation’s gay population, the guy recalls Qaamaneq’s genesis.

“i would ike to consider returning to 2001,” he starts, remembering a period of time long gone. “we informed the magazine that gay [men] and lesbians required a location meet up with and consult with one another.”

Its as simple as that.

Early type of Qaamaneq was not explicitly political because users came across monthly and conducted functions, (“No protests,” Erik adds). But the fact that the class existed — and publicly — could possibly be translated as such.

Like most collectives, heading the exact distance showed difficult. Class check outs helped spread the term to another location generation they were not by yourself, but previous board member Jesper Kunuk Egede remembers a certain disappointment at attempting to assist people in politics on dilemmas like use, while some “were more interested in events.”

After a while, Erik found himself the only person left, as others relocated away while the group gone away by default in 2006. It could be decades before Qaamaneq resurfaced, and by then a whole lot had altered.


t isn’t tough to spot a rainbow in Greenland.

In icy Ilulissat about west shore, I achieve one of the city’s search things and look straight back at a community speckled in a variety of coloured structures that, on a bright day, radiate like an aurora borealis on land.

It really is a heritage that started in 1721, in which businesses were colour-coded: yellowish for healthcare facilities, blue for fish factories … nowadays, you’ll identify every shade. Natives tell me it is come to be a way of maintaining a brightness throughout seemingly indefatigable winter seasons.

As I continue walking, I get to the former Inuit settlement of Sermermiut, just 1.5 kilometer out of town. The opinions are striking to put it mildly: icebergs float and break like some kind of opera where I feel like the only market.

Attaining the edge of a cliff, we stare down from the staggering drop below to the ocean whose clear area, skewed just by shards of iceberg, is obvious as a mirror. Its right here that way too many Greenlanders attended to take their life.

From a visitor’s perspective, its a really calm location: extended before me is nothing but ice and silence. And perhaps that’s problems, too.

Greenland’s committing suicide prices have constantly rated since the highest in the arena. With an entire populace of only over 56,000, it really is harrowing to read through of scientific studies which reveal that around every fifth young individual, and every fourth younger girl, has actually attemptedto kill themselves.

It is correct that Greenland, in which some other villages can just only end up being attained by planes or boats, hasn’t rather fit in on the ever-shrinking worldwide world. Here, plenty seems past an acceptable limit out and every little thing contains the power to seem big once again.

Getting a step straight back, we stand in the crisp summertime environment and marvel what amount of men and women might have generated such a determination because of their sexuality. I grew up in outlying NSW, where nearest area was a 30-minute drive and public transport was actually non-existent, and so I recall that sense of entrapment all also really. Significantly more than that, I know it is anything merely amplified using the realisation that you are various.

Despite a multitude of posts focussing on the worrying amount of suicides, no studies have already been executed into the psychological state of Greenland’s LGBT population.

Naturally, this could be guesswork to my part, but researches from other nations continuously demonstrate that lgbt youth in remote locations are typical more prone to devote committing suicide, helping to make me believe that Greenland is similar, or even worse.

Even yet in Denmark, an otherwise liberal nation and something of nearest Greenland has to a neighbor, the interest rate of committing suicide amongst homosexuals and bisexuals is actually 3 x greater than regarding heterosexuals.


reenland legalised same-sex wedding in 2016. The push could have shocked some since it had been directed because of the country’s far-right political party but, as well as the instance, the queer neighborhood had been actions forward.

Six many years earlier, in 2010, Nuuk conducted their first Pride. For Jesper, knowing that 1000 of the 17,000 that comprise Nuuk’s populace wandered on the roads with rainbow flags had been a satisfying bottom line to Qaamaneq’s work.

“it had been great to see how well received it had been,” he tells me. “It showed that the amount of recognition had altered a large number.”

Since Nuuk Pride, Qaamaneq happens to be revived, adding LGBT to the concept; Greenland’s 2nd largest community, Sisimiut, braved the weather in April because of its very first satisfaction, while drag king Nuka Bisgaard toured the nation confronting racism and homophobia through activities and an accompanying documentary,

Eskimo Diva


More recently, 28-50 year old lesbian author Niviaq Korneliussen is now a literary experience along with her introduction unique,

Homo Sapienne

(becoming published in English later in 2010 as



In an email, We ask Niviaq precisely what the recent circumstance is a lot like.

“its improving continuously,” she writes to me. “a lot more people —especially men from more mature generations — have become out from the dresser, and though people continue to have prejudices, In my opinion our company is regarding the correct road.”

It really is heartening to see that the LGBT area can flourish and, despite geographical obstacles, complete matrimony equivalence prior to Australian Continent. There isn’t any doubting the country’s leaders are giving a confident message that may be observed and considered by other people, regardless of how a long way away, in fact it is ideally trying to improve psychological state, too.

Although he is today based in eastern European countries, Jesper informs me that a greater number of homosexual people are deciding to remain in Greenland. “this really is a marked improvement about circumstance 20 years back, where the majority of remaining and failed to get back,” according to him.

And part of that, definitely, has got to come down to those who have fought supply the LGBT society a voice. Greenland needs the kind of Erik, Nuka and Niviaq. Very also does other world.

Mitchell Jordan is a Sydney-based journalist and vegan activist.

If you want support, please get in touch with Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Qlife on 1800 184 527.